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Systems Development with Go

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.
Developed by Google, and in use on their production servers.

Web Development with Drupal

We are a web development & design shop with a number of active customers.


We run the Chattanooga Drupal Developers Group. (Also on

iPhone and iPad Development

We can rapidly prototype, and develop native iOS applications.
We also specialize in delivering iOS applications with a back end webservice.


Android Development

Android design and development.

A Mobile, Web and Data Solutions Firm

Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2015 - Sat Nov 7th

We are back for another year.
The last 2 years camps were a big success, we had hundreds of Drupalers turn up.
The site is ready for you to buy tickets, sponsor, or submit sessions. Register now.!


Drupal Camp Chattanooga 2015 - T Shirt Design

Code Journeymen is organizing the 3rd DrupalCamp Chattanooga

The site is live, we are selling tickets, accepting sponsors, and session submissions. Come have fun with the Drupal Community.

T-shirt design is done



Lastest Site launched by Code Journeymen -

Oct 1st 2015, Code Journeymen lanuched Oak Ridge National Labs new website on Drupal 7.  Fully responsive to accomodate different devices.
The project inclded data migration away from a proprietary .net CMS that was really showing it's age. Oak Ridge really wanted to leverage Drupal for it's rugged security, customizable functionality, and it's open source.


Oak Ridge Manages spent nuclear fuel siting information using Curie, which has just been re-designed to be responsive.
The data was migrated over from a previous Drupal install, and the new maping of data with Open Layers (logged in users only) showcases informative maps.


We are very pleased with A site for a Texan district council of the Boy Scouts Of America.
This is a fully responsive site, open it on your ipad, Nexus 7" tablet or phone. Even just resize your desktop browser to see the site change to accomodate different devices.


Software development by experts in the field

Your software development needs will be met by our experts.
Whether you need a large or small website, eCommerce, mobile app, for any purpose, we are ready to deliver a working product to you.

Contact us by email or call Lee Walker on the number above.

Call to set up a conference to discuss your development needs, budget and timeframe.
We will deliver a great user experience every time.

We have expertise in iOS, Drupal, CiviCRM and Android.
We can also deliver a mobile app that runs on any browser using HTML5, javascript, Ajax and CSS.

Code Journeymen's Satisfied Customers

Oak Ridge National Labs The major national lab is the USA, and heavy user of Drupal for,, and all of which are Code Jourmneymen projects.

Circle10 Boy Scouts of America district council.

Changemakers Leaders in social philanthropy. Have an idea to improve life for pretty much anyone? Changemakers can help.

Ashoka Code Journeymen managed their 80+ sites. We brough these into Aejir to allow for better management. Also set up project management tools (Git, Redmine etc) to allow Ashoka better control of their web structure.

Morris Electronics wireless clay pigeon trap releases and custom electronics.

Rethink Church A site to bring together pople of the United Methodist Church.

Precept Ministries the inductive bible study ministry. An installation with CiviCRM and custom CiviCrm/Drupal interaction modules written by Code Journeymen.

Hiqou coupons to your cell phone for New York City. Custom code we wrote sends SMS messages to their customers and we are able to recieve customer request mesages through short codes for instant responses. A recent victim to the Groupon market shakeout, Hiqou have just closed up shop.

Sites we have built for our customers